Gumshoe Work

Dogs had been going missing all over the city. But now it was Margo, I couldn't just sit there doing nothing.

Police hounds like Delaney were getting nowhere; I had no choice, I had to turn detective.

With the help of my contacts, Walker and Werner, I started to unravel the mystery.

But with so many suspects on the loose--Studsy, Lorre, Nails--not to mention the secrets Nicole and my old pal Flash seemed to be harboring, solving that mystery was far from an easy ride.

Still, it set me on the road I'm on today, still in the detection game, all thanks to my first case--
The Lady Vanishes.


Maura said...

Nicky's a rock star! And he hasn't even solved the crime yet! All one has to do though is look at casebook pg. 53; look how he starts out with a case and you know he'll be all over it like, well, you know...

fresca said...

Huh, I thought I'd left a comment yesterday.
Well, anyway: welcome to the blogosphere! Nicky is great and I look forward to seeing lots more!
Good job.

poodletail said...

Nicky's the right snoop for this caper! Looking forward to more developments.